Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tokyo ‘What-If’ Girls

Another title: Tokyo Tarareba Musume
Release Date: January 2017
Episodes: 10

To be honest, I don’t read the manga, and I knew nothing about this dorama. What made me watch it was the casts, like Nana Eikura and Ryohei Suzuki (he wears glasses that made him hawt :D ).

I downloaded all the episodes in my cellphone, and watched them in 2-3 days.

The story is actually a typical Japanese josei dorama; a 30-year-old lady who doesn’t get a fixed job and single. I watched Please Love Me or Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai and then read the manga. Overall, both stories have similar theme; Single, desperate lady seeking for a proper man to marry or a proper job. The difference is that this dorama shows 3 single ladies with their being single and their daydreaming, and that this dorama is not as funny as Please Love Me even the manga was hilarious.
The word Tarareba here means what if, or in other words those ladies enjoy getting together, eating, drinking and dreaming about proper men who would come to them. I was about to give up watching since in 51-minute-duration, the scenes were mostly drinking, eating and chatting about what if matters. Not to mention their over confidence about something-man-related. Well, I guess it’s good to be positive, but then the reality kills their dream. How pity….

The main character here is Kamata Rinko, she is a dorama scriptwriter whose scripts were barely accepted. Her old friend Hayasaka used to have a feeling to her, 8 years ago, when he was considered lame by Rinko. But then, 8 years later, he turned to be cool, cute and successful. He worked in the same TV studio as Rinko. Hayasaka seemed to keep his feeling towards Rinko, but she was wrong. Some other men then came to her life, but they didn’t offer a good prospect in marriage.

Rinko’s best friends, Kaori and Koyuki seemed to have similar problems in romance. Kaori couldn’t resist her ex-boyfriend charm even though he’s got a steady girlfriend. Koyuki fell in love instantly as soon as she met a passerby who then became a regular customer in her bar. Apparently, he was prospective widower who was waiting for a new born baby. The romance problems seemed to be revolving these desperate ladies. Only beer and good food were their company.

As I said before that I was about to drop watching this dorama since it seemed that similar old story repeated from one episode to another. But I still waited for Rinko’s development of her career. I wonder if Kaori would finally move on to another proper guy, instead of clinging to her ex. I as curious whether Koyuki would finally realize that her present boyfriend would later have a reconciliation with his wife. Their target to get married was another 3 years when Japan would become a center of Olympic Games. Expecting that to become a reality as expected was the thing they had to struggle.

Well, I felt a bit bored watching this dorama since they kept saying what if, exactly like what Key (Kentaro Sakaguchi) said. I, myself, when I was 30, I didn’t really think about target to get married until I know that my 30s passed by. Rinko was so worried about passing her 30 without reaching anything in her life. Hmmmm…. That makes Rinko and I are different. Or perhaps I’m an Indonesian who never left my mom’s house to live far away so I won’t think something like that? Probably. The point is I won’t dream something beyond my reach. I’ve got a steady job with steady income but I’ve no partner. I think there’s nothing to worry about. I know that my mom might worry about me. But still, I won’t say tarareba things. I also have group of mature female friends who stay single like me. Some of them even don’t have a steady job. But still, they have some other things to think about and do, at least for their family.

One thing that made me wonder was one character here, Key. He was a quite popular model who later tried his talent to act. He got quite good prospect to continue his career as an actor. However, he seemed to be free walking around the housing complex, sitting and measuring Tokyo Tower with his fingers in a distance. Wouldn’t any of his fans find him there and bother his me-time there? But, as a model, how could he live in Rinko’s neighborhood complex? He became a regular customer in Koyuki’s bar that almost every day he dropped by there, ordered the same food. Rinko was barely penniless since her script didn’t have a good selling. She also complained about being thrifty, not to spend money for fancy food, but like Key, she was a regular in Koyuki’s bar. Didn’t she have to pay for what she had there? Wakaranai…

Aaaaahhh… I’m rambling too much about the dorama I just watched that apparently I quite enjoyed watching it. But, to overcome my boredom, while watching this drama in my cell phone, I played Cookie Crush in my tablet. Once in a while I would put my focus back to Rinko’s and friends. LOL… Well, if you need a light fun drama, just give it a try. Don’t forget to provide something in case you get bored :D

 Tokyo Tarareba Musume teaser

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Jdorama I recently watched

Been a while I don’t write for this blog. Well, I find myself too busy to manage 3 blogs at the same time. Hahahaha… yes, greedy, that’s I am. Not to mention, hoarding books, movies, mangas, and others. What am I supposed to do first is a real struggle. LOL. 

Well, I’m not going to tell in details about the movies or Jdorama I have watched. As I said to myself, I made this blog, only to file what I have watched, which ones are recommended, which ones are so-so, which ones are quite out of the box. Hmmm… some are quite silly, though that I stopped watching after 3-5 episodes :D

Here they are the movies and Jdorama for the past two months

We Married As a Job

The dorama is about family life of Mikuri Moriyama (Yui Aragaki) who married Hiramasa Tsuzaki (Gen Hoshino) as a job. At first, Mikuri was a floater who did any job she found. With a psychology certificate from college didn’t guarantee her to get a proper job. Until one day, her father offered her a job to work in Hiramasa to clean his house. Surprisingly, Mikuri was not only good at cleaning the house, but also cooking. Hiramasa was a nerd who never went for dating. Meanwhile, Mikuri was good at understanding people’s feeling, including Hiramasa. 

One day, Mikuri’s parents wanted to move out of town that made Mikuri worried about her job. To solve the problem, she offered a marriage with Hiramasa so that she could stay in his house, continue to be his staff.
I can predict the next of the story, they fell in love to each other, and lived happily ever after. But then, my guess was wrong. It’s not as simple as that. There many conflicts happened to them, including the contract of their marriage. Mikuri’s objections towards a real marriage sounds acceptable. For Hiramasa, marriage is a solution for their awkward relationship, and his sudden decreasing financial.

For me, the drama is sweet and quite addictive. The other conflicts are also interesting. For example, relationship between Ryota Kazami (Ryohei Otani) and Yuri Tsuchiya (Yuriko Ishida). They have very far different age to get a serious relationship. Some women in big cities, I’m sure, have this kind of thing. Whether to continue or not is a dilemma. Another interesting thing is the bond among Hiramasa and his friends in his office. Some characters there are really common to find; the want-to-know-all, the busy-talking-about-family, and others. The director of the dorama really tells about people in common. The acting of the actors is quite satisfying. Frankly speaking, I’ve never watched any of the actors in this dorama. Recommended for you who want to watch a light, fun, entertaining dorama.

Let's just watch the trailer. 😄😄